DIY Home Decor – How to Make a Dull Room More Inviting

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how to make dull bedroom more invitingIf you’re anything at all like me then you probably have a very room in your own home that is certainly dull or a little outdated. Are you looking for something to spice it up a little making it a bit more inviting and irresistible to others in addition to yourself?

Well here are a few tips that should help you need to do exactly that.

Wall Color

In your typical home the walls come packaged in a very dull and mundane white or beige so the right off the bat you should do is liven it down a bit, add a little color but be careful in choosing the paint for the room.

If you have a very well lit room and you opt for colors which can be a bit about the bad side you should get away with it just fine, adhere to what they you are in a position just like me where natural lit is scarce with your room you actually want to keep away from dark colors.

Adding dark paint to some room which doesn’t have much daylight to start with can cause the microscopic light that you are doing need to be absorbed and you also wouldn’t like that.

Furniture Selection

When selecting furniture on your room rather it’s money room, dining area, bedroom, etc don’t be afraid to make some bold statements. It is always smart to include a focal piece to any room, it is deemed an element that may draw the eye of everyone who sees it. Be conscious of furniture color, you wouldn’t want to make a clash with the wall color, everything should follow together inside an uniform fashion.


In my personal you cant ever fail with beautiful wooden flooring. Not only will it help to reflect some light into the room, but the clean sleek look it’s got is a that contrasts perfectly in almost any room.

While wall color, furniture, and flooring are some of the main aspects in a room do not forget small items like window accents, light fixtures, and various other decor pieces. Stay down the color scheme and again you shouldn’t be afraid to generate bold statements, you desire a room being eye catching so do it now.